Bridal car decoration diy

The Water Tricycle

Imagine using a water tricycle decorated with a “Just Married” banner as your escape ride. You could peddle your way into a location or an exotic island. Another thought, that is able to make your escape ride truly standout.

The Fluffy Paper Flowers

An easy decor idea if you are really not interested in the tin cans, would be to attach colorful and fluffy paper flowers to a rope and then decorate the car with them.

The Indian Garlands

A traditional wedding car decoration with blossoms that are local and fashion garlands is also. Simply tell the decorator to be a little garish on the garnish, we’re sure the conventional Indian getaway ride decoration will seem good.

Wilton Car Decorating Kit

If you’re attempting to keep costs down but want to drive away in a car that is completely decked out, you can purchase this car decorating kit, perfect for any newlyweds. The kit comprises a magnetic “Just Married” sign, window clings, pre-fluffed pom-poms, streamers, and balloons. Everything is made of materials. If you are hosting a post-wedding brunch the following day, incorporate this coordinating “Just Married” cake topper to your order and place it on one of your brunch desserts.


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