Custom luxury car interior

Mercedes-Benz W112 Gentle Pagoda

Custom Shop: Vilner Most Outrageous Feature: That diamond-stitched embroidery goes anywhere — even the backwards You know there is a car over-the-top with luxury as soon as your suitcases can ride in style from the trunk. We pity the fool who drags a bag that is wheeled through mud before tossing it though.

Mercedes-Benz Viano

Custom Shop: Brabus Most Outrageous Feature: On-board espresso machine Subsequently Brabus has a treat for you, if you wanted a van with a full home entertainment set up including a Dolby surround audio system. Additionally, it includes an espresso machine. This way, you can stay awake through all the bonus features on your favorite Blu-ray.

Mansory McLaren MP4-12C

Custom Shop: Mansory Most Beautiful Feature: Soft, supple, yet extremely hardy and leather interior that is flawless A normal McLaren was not mad. Mansory needed to take it. That, in itself, is insanity. We suppose it’s no Koenigseggseggseggsegg Agera R, but still.

Rolls-Royce “Bel Air” Drophead Coupe

Custom Shop: Mansory Most Beautiful Feature: Natural wood accents It’s orange. It is dimpled. It softer. You have to roll around sitting on chairs which are thicker than a thousand infants that are dimpled, if you purchase this car. You monster.

Carlsson Aigner CK55 RS Rascasse

Custom Shop: Etienne and Carlsson Aigner, working as spouses Most Outrageous Feature: Only two seats that are rear The Rascasse is based on a Mercedes-Benz GL 500, which has seven seats. Carlsson decided this was not enough room, so their version just has 2. The whole interior is trimmed in beautifully Nappa leather with Alcantara accents, including the headliner. There is A whole multi-media amusement system hooked up in the trunk. Carlsson has provided some hand-blown glasses if you become thirsty.

Gemballa Mistrale

Custom Shop: Gemballa Most Bizarre Feature: Quilted dash The Mistrale has quilted, cushiony hand-stitched leather and Alcantara everywhere you look in the cabin — even in the footwells. Some people take off their shoes when they enter a home. We think when you climb to this car you might want to do the same.


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