Activities for kids in car

Shade by Number Addition Pages

My Seven requested for color by number pages. I wanted to make something which would challenge her as well as give something she enjoys, so I put addition facts on those fairy tale characters. You can get the set of ten free webpages by visiting this post.

Magnetic Pattern Block Activities

We Have pattern blocks, but for this trip I bought a magnetic pair of cubes so that the children can use them in their baking sheets. I found the massive pattern block activities at PreKinders. I published a transportation, snowflake, and creatures set. The children can every set a paper on their board and pay it using the magnetic cubes. I also printed the small set of layouts out of Kelly’s Kindergarten and jump them with a ring. (You will have to shrink her layouts before printing them if you want them small.) My older kids can recreate these pictures onto their own boards.


Fairy Tale Coloring Pages

Here Are some fairy tale coloring pages that my Four, Five, and Seven will appreciate. These are a freebie I am now offering to my email subscribers. Learn more about them in this informative article.

Novels on CD

Our Number one activity on long car rides is studying. Thankfully, my Seven and Five can read by themselves. However, my Four specifically does not have patience for long trips, and he’s not ready to read independently. I will read aloud periodically, but it’s not something I wish to do for ten hours! That’s where books on CD come in. I borrow from the library, store them in my CD holder, and reserve multiple copies of every book so each of the big children can follow alongwith I Also referred to my Best Picture Books for Kids Pinterest board and found that a huge stack of new-to-us books to take along. (The tough part has been keeping my kids from studying them until the big trip!


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